The Secret Of Laurel Oaks – Review


TitleThe Secret of Laurel Oaks

Author: Lois Ruby

Genres: Mystery, ghosts, historical fiction 

Published: September 2, 2008

Goodreads Synopsis: When Lila and her family visit Laurel Oaks Plantation in Louisiana, her parents and brother scoff at the claim that the house is haunted. But secretly, Lila suspects there are ghostly presences willing to communicate with her, and her alone. One spirit eager to tell her story is Daphne, a slave girl at Laurel Oaks in the 1840s, who was blamed for the poisoning deaths of two girls and their mother. Daphne’s spirit senses that Lila is the very person she’s been waiting for, the one who can prove her innocence so her spirit can rest at long last. Shifting back and fourth from Lila’s world in the present to Daphne’s world in the past, the true story of what really happened that faithful night.  


I. Loved. This. Book. 

The firs time I read this was 2 years ago, I found it in my school’s library, then a couple months ago I read it again. And I enjoyed reading it as much as the first time! This book was written in two point of views: Lila, a 13 year old girl visiting the plantation with her family, and Daphne, a slave from the 1840s who was accused for poisoning 3 people. This was the very first historical fiction and ghost story I read. And it was so good!! I rate it 5 stars!

5 star

After reading this, I actually did some research on the Myrtles Plantation. Here’s an article I read: http: The Slave Girl of Myrtles Plantation: Louisiana Ghost Story


I might visit this place someday! XD




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